Hi! My name is Gabriella, and I am the founder of CLOUD Deodorant.

I am so glad you're here. 

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite places to be is in my organic garden, tending to and watching my veggies grow. There is no better feeling than going out with my basket to see what's out there and then planning my meal from what I harvested.


As a horticulturalist, I have advised many people how to plant and up keep an organic garden and the benefits of eating clean.

When my cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctor recommended that she research an organic source for deodorant. Her breast biopsy showed traces of aluminum, a common ingredient in many store-bought antiperspirants. Before that, I was unaware that something as simple as deodorant could be so harmful

This inspired me to find the best natural deodorant available. I tried many “natural” deodorants but found they were not effective, or I was allergic to them. Being smelly or having an allergic reaction was not an option for me, so I decided to start making my own deodorant.

Over the course of the next several years I experimented with making my own deodorant using all organic ingredients. After a lot of trial and error and research, I finally came up with the right blend. It was thrilling to discover that my blend not only made my skin feel wonderful, but IT WORKED... and it was made with ORGANIC INGREDIENTS!

I started gifting my unique organic deodorant blend to several friends and family, asking them for honest feedback. They all loved it! I knew I had a winner! After receiving rave reviews, I decided to start sharing it with you!

Nowadays my other favorite place to be is in my studio creating small batches of artisan made personal care products for my clients. I really enjoy going the extra mile to find the purest, organic ingredients available and sometimes I even incorporate some of the organic herbs that I grow in my garden into my products.  

I believe in the power of our bodies to heal naturally if we eat as clean as possible, have a healthy lifestyle and include personal care products that are free from harmful chemicals into our daily routines. 

Wishing you the best of heath!

Gabriella xx 



So, you’ve been trying to eat healthy and buying organic when it’s available. But, if you haven’t made the switch to natural cosmetics and toiletries yet, you are probably affecting you and your family’s health in ways you don’t realize. Scare tactics aren’t my style, but I want you to know that you DO have an option to choose a healthier, artisanal product that actually works. I’d be delighted to help you make the switch, and to answer any questions you have. 

Who should use a natural Cream Deodorant?
In truth, everyone. In reality, only those who care enough about their health and their bodies to choose a better option. Expecting more from the products that you buy means that you can focus on building your life’s legacy – instead of worrying about hidden dangers in the products used so often and intimately.
How do I apply it?
Imagine that it is a lotion for your underarms. I use it as part of my beauty routine. After the shower, before I step into my clothes for the day, I apply it.

Scoop out a small dab of the cream using your fingers and spread it gently to the entire underarm area. The cream consistency will disappear quickly in your underarm, so you can wear your favorite sleeveless blouse with no issue.

I sweat a lot, will this work for me?
Let’t face it: to have someone lean in and whisper that you are a little smelly, even if it were your closest friend, would be embarrassing. I understand. I work alongside my clients in the Southern California heat almost every day, and I need to smell fresh. My Triple Action Deodorant Cream has worked flawlessly for me, my friends and family, and everyone who’s purchased it. That said, everyone’s chemistry is different – you’ll have to experience it for yourself.

Also, this product is not an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants plug your sweat glands closed to prevent the release of perspiration. Our body normally excretes toxins through our pores so as a result our bodies are absorbing and storing chemicals such as aluminum and parabens from the deodorants we are using and this can create problems for our body. Having said that, most of my clients report that after a short “detox” period they don’t sweat as much as they used to.

What happens when I switch from conventional deodorant to this product?
It’s really important that if you’re switching from a regular antiperspirant to give your body a chance to detox before deciding if a natural deodorant is working or not. After detoxing, this product has been excellent for me and my clients. I don’t need to reapply, even during intense perspiration.

 If you have been using an antiperspirant for a long time you might expect to sweat a bit more until your sweat glands level out and then you will sweat normally. Some people have reported that once your sweat glands have gone through the adjustment period, you will not sweat as much.

What can I do to help the 'detox' process?
If you have been using antiperspirant your sweat glands have been pinched closed for sometime, so as soon as you stop using them, you might expect a short period (usually 7-10 days) when you will perspire more until your glands level out.
You can exfoliate your underarm area using a loofah, a dry brush, and using organic and natural soaps. Using a dry brush will help exfoliate the outer layer of skin to allow for a a quicker detoxing period.
You can also sweat it out at the gym and follow up with a steam or sauna. This will help release the toxins faster.
Use clothing made from natural fibers like cotton, hemp or bamboo.
Eat fresh clean and unprocessed foods and limit red meat. Also you can help your system by juicing, drinking detoxing teas like lemon water with ginger.
When your body goes through the process, you will notice that you will not sweat as much.
I have sensitive skin, will this work for me?
I personally have the most sensitive skin compared to anyone I know — it’s why I had to keep experimenting with products and recipes on my quest to the perfect natural deodorant. I haven’t had anyone have a reaction to the product yet, but please do test on a small patch of skin on your wrist or around your underarm before fully applying.

If you experience increased skin sensitivity on days when you shave, I suggest that you refrain from using the Deodorant Cream on those days and resume use the next day. Some clients have noticed that when they shave at night they’re able to use the deodorant the next morning with exceptional results.

Stop using the product if you experience any type of skin reaction. I cannot guarantee that you will not experience a skin reaction and cannot be held responsible if you do.

Where do you ship to?
I ship within the U.S. using this order form, but if you are out of the US, please email me and I can make arrangements to ship to other countries.
How long does it last?
On average, a jar lasts for 6-8 weeks. Please use it within 1 year of purchase. Each Deodorant Cream is made to order from natural ingredients at the time you purchase it.


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